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Veterinary Nurses’ Day 2020

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When I first graduated from university, the very best piece of advice I received was to appreciate my veterinary nurses. They are a magical group of individuals, truly following a vocation, who are both a new graduate and an experienced vet’s single best source of support, comfort and backup. It is advice I have tried diligently to follow, knowing that having such capable and caring individuals at your side is worth more than I can say. I would like to think that the nurses who have worked with me have always known that I value them, their knowledge and their skills. And then came this year, and I have had to add a whole new layer of gratitude and appreciation.

When Covid-19 reared its ugly head, we, like all of you, were somewhat flabbergasted. It had ramifications for our work, our lifestyles and our children and loved ones. Our way of life completely changed. For us in the vet clinic, we were blessed in that we did not have to close, and we were able to maintain business and our staff but the way we practiced also completely changed. For a clinic built on communication and strong client and patient bonds, keeping everyone out was difficult to say the least. Into the breach stepped our nurses. They ran and they ran, in and out of the clinic to try to give you the service you were used to. They talked to you all on the phone and reassured you that, although you could not be with your four-legged family member, cuddles and treats would always be given. They personally guaranteed it and they made sure it happened. They worried about you and their patients, all while also worrying about their own families and health.  We were all exhausted (Dr Cassie’s smart watch regularly clocked 5km a day in the clinic) but I could not be prouder of the way the team adapted and evolved to a whole new way of practice.

To all veterinary nurses – Happy Veterinary Nurses’ Day – may you have a peaceful day full of puppy and kitten vaccinations. To our particular team – Terri, Jordy, Tara, Elisha, Nahanee and Tammy – thank you so much for everything you do, thank you for your support, your expertise, your kindness and professionalism. Thank you for this year, we really could not have done it without you and we could not have wished for a better group of people at our back and by our side. It has been a privilege


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